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Watch Queen (2014) Full Movie With Subtitles - Rani Mehra is a sheltered, under-confident young Punjabi woman from Delhi.[6] One day prior to her wedding, her fiancé Vijay (Rajkummar Rao) tells her that he no longer wishes to marry her. He explains that his lifestyle has changed after living abroad in London, and her small town mentality would be a wrong match for him. Stunned and heartbroken by the development, Rani shuts herself in her room for a day. Wanting to take control of the situation, she asks her parents permission to go alone on her pre-booked honeymoon to Paris and Amsterdam. After initially hesitating, her parents agree, thinking that a vacation might cheer her up.

In Paris, Rani meets Vijayalakshmi (Lisa Haydon), a free-spirited liberal woman of French-Spanish-Indian descent, who works at the hotel in which Rani stays. Overwhelmed by the new city and having gotten into trouble twice - once with the local police and once with a robber - Rani intends to return to India. However, Vijayalakshmi helps her out and gives her a tour around the city. The two have a series of adventures, during which Rani relives the memories of Vijay patronising her, criticising her, and forbidding her from dancing and drinking - which she's free to do in Paris. During one particular incident, Rani tries on what she considers to be a revealing outfit and accidentally sends a selfie of her wearing the outfit to Vijay instead of Vijayalakshmi. She quickly realises her mistake, but unbeknownst to her, the selfie regenerates his interest in Rani, and Vijay begins to search for her in the hopes of a reconciliation.

Rani decides not to return back to India, but rather go to Amsterdam as planned. Vijayalakshmi makes Rani's accommodation arrangements, and the two share an emotional farewell at the train station. However, when she arrives in Amsterdam, Rani finds to her horror that she has been booked to share a hostel room with three men: Taka from Japan, Tim from France and Oleksander from Russia. Despite being skeptical of the boys, she soon becomes good friends with them, and spends time shopping, sight seeing, visiting a sex shop, going to a church and meeting pole dancers at a club in the Red Light District. At the club, Rani befriends Roxette/Rukhsar, a Pakistani woman working as a dancer, who is the sole bread-earner for her family back in Lahore, and who is also a friend of Vijaylakshmi.

Rani slowly begins on a path of self discovery. She start to gain confidence by taking control of her decisions, and even develops a crush on a local restaurant owner, Marcello. She also realises her cooking and earning potential, winning a cook-off by selling gol gappas (an Indian street snack). She learns more about her friends' backgrounds and begins to understand how different life can be for people in other parts of the world. One day, Rani finds Vijay waiting for her outside the hostel. Vijay apologizes to Rani and asks her to reconsider the relationship. Their conversation escalates, since she is unwilling to forgive him and he learns that she has been living with three men. He tries to grab hold of Rani, but her friends retaliate, and she asks him to leave. The two meet the next day to discuss the future, but Rani leaves abruptly, saying that she would rather speak to him after she returns to Delhi. She then meets up with her friends one last time at a rock concert which she had previously chosen not to attend, in order to meet with Vijay. After bidding an emotional farewell to them, Rani returns to India.

Back in Delhi, Rani visits Vijay at his home, while she is on the way back from the airport. Vijay and his family assume that she has come in order to reconcile. Instead, Rani hands him her engagement ring and, after saying 'thank you', walks away with a smile on her face.

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